"in-season" and "off-season" fitness

In order to stay competitive during baseball season, maintaining strength while competing is critical to a baseball players success. Critical Baseball & Fitness (CBF) provides athletes the opportunity to work out in the same way high school, college or professional athletes train during their seasons and off season. The program focuses on movement training, coordination exercises, resistance, speed/footwork drills and sports specific movements.   The goal of this type of training is to help young athletes gain coordination, strength and mental toughness. It is vital for a young athlete to learn how to activate these muscle groups while their bodies mature into young adults.   At CBF, the workouts are broken into two stages: "In-season" and "off-season" workouts.   Off season workouts are primarily during fall-winter. The main focus of this period is strength training, body awareness exercises, coordination drills. These workouts will prepare athletes by increasing flexibility/strength/explosiveness in muscles groups needed for baseball.   The main goal of the "In-season" is preserve the strength and power gained in the off-season. Also increasing an athletes overall conditioning is another focus. Drills are designed to mimic sport specific movements and to help the athlete stay sharp for game play. 

This same training techniques can be applied and are of benefit for EVERY athletic sport, both in and off season.